domingo, abril 08, 2007

Happy Easter! Feliz Páscoa

Easter Morn
Just a closer walk with thee
Oh, Jesus let it be!
You shed you precious blood
on this day for all the sins of those like me
I do not know the pain you bared
I am so grateful I have you in my heart to stay
Oh, dear Jesus, the love you gave for us that day!

May I always love you so
Because this is the reason you gave your life
that we may live,
and have a story to tell, and love to give!

Then on the day of Easter Morn
You Rose again, from the tomb within!
All because of our sin!

Thank you Jesus, you gave your life
for the likes of me!
I fall so short for others to see!

Help me be an example for you today
and let others know you can also take their sins away!
~Linda Diane Wilkerson~
April 9,2004

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